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I devote this page to the historical clothes. My name is Agnieszka Monika Mazur. I am active with knight's association since 2000. I'm a member of Chorągiew Rycerstwa Ziemi Lubelskiej (ChRZL). I am interested in the history of art, historical clothes and costiums. I have graduated at the Faculty of Arts, University of Maria Curie - Sklodowska in Lublin. I'm a graphic artist. Currently I work on my doctoral thesis in history of art at The Katholic University of John Paul II in Lublin. I write about dressings.

I present some clothes made by me from various epoques: Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque. I sew clothes basing on the preserved manuscripts, iluminations, illustrations, drawings, paintings, engravings, sculptures and costumology reading. I especially pay attention to reliable sources. I care abot high - quality of my products: cut, fabric, colour - in accordance with time. Reconstructing clothes I select fabrics basing on descriptions, colors - on paintings. I offer products sewn with the machine and hand-made.